VIDN Full Depth Ads

Standard Operating Procedure

Profit Center 12 – Ads Ordered at Full Depth

Ads ordered at Full Depth MUST include a Modular Size Code

There are five (6) Mod Sizes. Think 1xFD, 2xFD, 3xFD, 4xFD, Full Page, Double Truck Full Page

Example orders are attached.

While rate code “ROP” in used in the examples, it does not imply ROP is the exclusive rate code for full depth ads.

Ads should always be ordered with the corresponding rate codes appropriate to position in the paper and the identified price charged to the account.

Rate codes exist corresponding to the four main rate cards.


1 x Full Depth


2 x Full Depth


3 x Full Depth


4 x Full Depth


Full Page

Full Page (Double Truck)

Note:        In the case of a Double Truck Request, the box must be set to “Y” on the Ad Layout Screen.

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