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UPDATE THIS!! Gatefolds/Spadeas/Jumbo Spadeas

This affects ad order entry procedures for The Times-Tribune, The Citizens Voice and The Standard Speaker

In order to account for the true amount of space reserved and used in these ad types, and to facilitate the delivery of materials in the format required by the printer. The following changes will go into effect for ads running 11/1/2011 and beyond.

The number of Vision Data order numbers required for the following ad types is changed:
Gatefolds:                 Was one (1) Vision Data order    >>    Now two (2) Vision Data orders
Spadeas:                   Was one (1) Vision Data order    >>    Now two (2) Vision Data orders
Jumbo Spadeas:     Was one (1) Vision Data order    >>    Now four (4) Vision Data orders

Gatefold, Spadea, and Jumbo Spadea Details [Effective 11/1/2011]:
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Sep 6, 2011, 12:10 PM