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In-Column Filler Creation

Good morning,
Last week I spent a few days going through the in-column fillers that are scheduled in Vision Data. This is because I noticed there were a few issues with some of them, and so I wanted to make a few things clear about in-column fillers. Please forward this to others who would need to know as well.
  • The account I have been using from the time we started using Vision Data is 433514 in the Scranton profit center. I am unaware of any other account number for other daily profit centers, and I am under the impression there is only this one. I created all of the in-column headers the same way, from the Scranton profit center. Other profit centers, like the Virgin Isands and the alternative weeklies, will have their own account numbers.
  • The rate code assigned is CLHSF. This rate is open to all daily and weekly papers using the range of classifications beginning with X, and may only be used for in-column fillers. Other profit centers, like the Virgin Isands and the alternative weeklies, will have their own rate codes.
  • If you create an in-column filler and you do not assign any publications it will run in EVERY publication. We probably don't want to do that since most fillers are product specific.
  • If you create an in-column filler and you do not assign any insertions - that's right... set it to 0 "ZERO" insertions - it will run forever until we kill it. This is the preferred method, because who wants to remember to go back in and reorder in-column fillers? Not me.
  • If the in-column filler is promotional or time sensitive, then you would assign a start and stop date based on your scheduled promotion. I have also done this with the Scarborough information supplied to me by our Marketing department, because they want us to update it every quarter or the data is old.
  • On the Misc tab... You want it to be set to Layout Only and the Run Type set to Filler. This is important.
  • If you order in-column fillers into class code X5000 (or your profit center's generic classified filler class code) they can appear anywhere in the product. Likewise, if you order in-column fillers into a Section classification (aka superheader: X1000, X1200, X1300, X1400, X1500, X1600, X1800, X1900, X2000; or your profit center's superheader codes)  then that filler can only appear in that section. This is useful for useful section specific fillers that are employment related, auto related, rental/real estate related, etc. If you order a filler into a specific class code, it can only fall within that class code.
  • When creating an in-column filler, there is no need to duplicate the filler multiple times. The pagination software handles that for us. And in fact, duplicating a filler or having multiple versions of one type of filler increases the chances that you'll see the same thing over and over and over again in the classifieds (and I don't know about you, but I get yelled at when that happens). It's better to have a variety of fills, as many as you can think up.
If you have any questions, or any other pointers I don't know about, please let me know. x9312 (570-504-9312)