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Esheets: How to check if the Import Sections and Pages from pagination worked

The first indicator that the Import Sections and Pages from pagination report did not work is getting an error while running the report. If you don't get an error and want to check to make sure the correct pages were assigned, follow these steps:

Go to the Ad Entry Screen in Vision Data, you can find it by going to Daily->Ads->Ad Insertion Entry.

On the Ad Entry Screen, click the Ad Search button.

On the Ad Search screen, enter the following data:
  • Make sure the "Show Sect/Pg in Comment field" button is checked.
  • Enter the run date of the publication. You can only check one run date at a time.
  • Enter the Pub.
  • Enter the Zone.
  • Hit Search (F12).
NOTE: "Include ads on Hold"- You can select No because if the ads were on hold, they won't be in the paper anyway. It's up to you.

When the search results come back, you'll see ads like this:

What do the numbers mean:
If you get 1001 20, then the ad was on page A20... so 1001 55 means page A55.
1002 20 means page B20, 1003 20 means page C20, etc etc.

If none of the ads have any Sect/Page Ran info, then the file did not work. Ask the pagination/layout person to check their settings and export the file again, and re run the Import Sections and Pages from pagination report again.

If you are still having issues, contact the corporate Helpdesk at x8200 or 570-504-8200.