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Yahoo! HotJobs


Recently there has been complaints from ad takers and customers on business information being displayed online on Yahoo Hot Jobs. There have also been instances of ads that did not upload because of errors (IT had tracked these down since go live and have been repairing them and resending as needed, this responsibility is now shifting to staff identified at each of the properties.)

In 100% of the cases of an upload failing it was due to the answers in the Text/Internet section of Vision Data not being filled out as was expected by the processing program on the server side of the feed.

Below is a detail out on what these questions / answers in the Text/Internet section affect and how to correctly fill them in in order to:
1: Guarantee correct placement of the ad
2: in cases of confidential ads; how to keep the advertiser hidden while providing the end user with the needed information.
3: Provide for correct display of the advertisement in the top ads on our websites.
Please take a moment to review these details and feel free to contact Glenn Knarr at Ext 8217 or IT Helpdesk at 8200 with any questions you may have.


First and MOST IMPORTANT! It is critical that all of the required fields in the Text/Internet section of the ad taking process are filled in completely with the correct information. "NA" or "..." or "asdfghjk" are not acceptable answers to the questions, and will fail your upload, if this is not caught by the people at each of your sites responsible for reviewing the Yahoo upload log that is emailed to them each morning, corrected and then the feed resent...  your customer will have paid for an ad that never appeared online.

Second: each of the fielded questions have been set to apply the advertisers customer data as the default answers when choosing the "get default answers" button at the bottom of the window. This works well when there is a local advertiser placing an ad for help wanted for their own business.

Problems occur when an out of the area corporate office or advertising agency place the ad for a local company... this causes the address information loaded into the answers to be skewed as follows:

1: the ad does not ZONE correctly; as the system uses the city state and zip of the job location on their site in order to index it and display it to the end user correctly (ex. search for all nurses within 20 miles of 18503). If the Job LOCATED fields are left to the defaulted advertiser who may be in Texas, the job will never display to users doing a search in their area of interest. You must change this to the physical location of the job itself, if unknown, I would suggest using the hometown related info of the newspaper at least to have it appear in the search related to your products location.

2: The MAIL RESUME fields are also defaulted to the advertisers address, this should be adjusted as well to reflect the true address of the local company the job is with... If the job is confidential, these should be left blank or populated with the address of the Blind box only.

3: Confidential or blind box ads need to be changed as well in order to display correctly online (confidential ads index within the location of the job but do not show information related to the advertiser) all of the above instructions apply as you MUST tell the ad what data it needs to index and display correctly, however you will want to hide the advertiser from the end user. This process is done in TWO STEPS... after all of the required data has been filled in either by hand or using the default answers, you must change the "Company Name" question to "Confidential" by selecting it from the Drop down... this hides all of the advertiser info online... SECOND you MUST have an answer to ALL REQUIRED questions... do not fill them with garbage as the system will spit them back out as it has processing logic that checks for correct city state zip combinations.

Please only use the Confidential feature at the customers request. There has been instances in the past few weeks where ads failed because of confidential being selected and other data being set to "NA" or "hkgfhjfdk"... These ads, when brought up for repair, clearly had the advertisers name address and phone number to apply listed in the body copy of the liner?

Confidential is only for instances of a specific customer request or a blind box.

The information applies to both Classified liners and Display ads.

4: Detail information related to other types of "TOP" advertising; when an ad is defined as a Top ad it pulls information from the Text/Internet answers to display itself on our websites automatically. Therefore, if a customer has placed an ad for a car and has chosen the top Cars option, the information in those questions is whats used to display the vehicle online. The Year, Make and Model are extracted from the answers and passed to the website for display. Therefore filling in anything BUT the correct data will display that information on the website directly. It has happened a few times that the link displayed "hjgsadfukyg" or NA NA NA on the website for the ad.


The people responsible for checking the Yahoo reports at each site are as follows:

The Daily-Review
Donna Jones • djones@thedailyreview.com • 570-265-2151
Susan Rought • srought@thedailyreview.com • 570-265-2151

The Scranton Times
Jesse Baldan • jbaldan@timesshamrock.com • 570-348-9100 Ext. 5352
Linda Roerig • lroerig@timesshamrock.com • 570-207-3477

The Citizen's Voice
still need a primary and a backup designated.

The Standard Speaker
Emerson Logan • elogan@standardspeaker.com • 570-501-3515
Matthew Northey • mnorthey@standardspeaker.com • 570-501-3599

The Pottsville Republican
Prepress Department • ads@republicanherald.com • (570) 628-6238 Ext. 6090

The News-Item
Barbara Kaminski • barb_k@newsitem.com • 570-644-5721 Ext. 1321
Donna Schaffer • donna_s@newsitem.com • 570-644-5721 Ext. 1321

The Progress-Index
Shelly Vairo • svairo@progress-index.com• 804-722-5139

These people are responsible to check the report for errors each day, identified in the summary as "Skipped" ads... the ad #'s and reason for not being accepted to publish are included in the details of the report below the summary.

It is very important these ads be called up by someone at your location, the errors corrected and the ads re saved. The site must then call IT at x8200 for a resend for their property. (this will be automated in the next few weeks, we will advise you as to when corrections will automatically re post).

NOTE: ANY changes in the indexing information (information filled out in the Text prompts) MUST be updated within the first 4 days of the ad appearing online... therefore, it is very important that someone reviews the report on a regular basis. If an ad failed to upload for any other reason it can be resent and the date will not affect it.


To Check your ads online you can navigate to a page displaying all ads taken for your newspaper by going to the following links. Click on the date header in the resulting window to sort the ads by the date they were uploaded to Yahoo!

Confidential ads do not associate with a publication and therefore you must search for them using the job description and the location of the job. to find them, all jobs will always be titled on the website with the information you fill in on the question "Title of the job being listed" and will be indexed in the location you have provided in the "job located in" questions


Title of the job being listed:
This should be the description of what the job is (ex. Line Cook, Nurse, Security Officer... if there is more than one position offered in the ad you can place multiple items in this answer. This is what displays online as the link for the customers ad.

Business name of the customer account
Company name of company placing the ad

Last name of the account contact
From Account

First name of the account contact
From Account

Phone number of the account contact
From Account

Email of contact who can edit posting
From Account or person at the location who would like to be able to log in to Yahoo and change the copy in their ad.

Company Name - "Confidential" if blind
Name of the Employer... Defaults to Account data, Ad taker should over strike with the company name if different from account name. If blind box, choose "Confidential" from drop down confidential will hide all data EXCEPT for mail to address, use Blind box address in these questions if Confidential is requested.

Employer Street Address
Employer street address (CHANGE IF DIFFERENT FROM ACCT)

Employer City

Employer State (two letter)
Employer State (MUST BE two letter ex. PA, AZ, FL) (CHANGE IF DIFFERENT FROM ACCT)

Employer ZIP Code

Employer Country
USA (can choose from Drop down) (CHANGE IF DIFFERENT FROM ACCT)

Company's Industry
Please choose from the drop down the appropriate type of industry

Job LOCATED in what City?

Job LOCATED in what State (two letter)
two letters ex. PA, FL, NY... WHERE is this job? (CHANGE IF DIFFERENT FROM ACCT)

Job LOCATED in what ZIP Code

Job LOCATED in what Country

Functional category of position
Not required: but can be selected from drop down

Type of Hire
Choose from Drop down

Full time or Part Time
Choose from Drop down

Experience level required for the job
Choose from Drop down required experience in years or select unspecified.

DISPLAY ADS ONLY - Long description of Ad
FOR DISPLAY ADS ONLY - Type in descriptive text of what the ad contains... this can be as long as you like and should briefly describe what the job is and where it is located. DO NOT FILL THIS IN FOR LINERS!

Email applicant would send resume to
Not required: Where can the applicant email their application to?

FAX resume to this number
Not required: Where can they fax their application to?

Website where applicant can apply online
Not required: Does the ad list a web address where the user can fill out an online application or for more information?

MAIL resume to this Street
Not required: Address to mail application to IF CONFIDENTIAL, this should be the address of the blind box at the paper or left blank.

MAIL resume to this City
Not required: Address to mail application to IF CONFIDENTIAL, this should be the address of the blind box at the paper or left blank.

MAIL resume to this state (two letter)
Not required: Address to mail application to IF CONFIDENTIAL, this should be the address of the blind box at the paper or left blank.

MAIL resume to this ZIP
Not required: Address to mail application to IF CONFIDENTIAL, this should be the address of the blind box at the paper or left blank.

Not required: USA

Minimum degree required for job
Not required but you may choose from dropdown

Salary type (hourly, annual, etc.)
Not required but you may choose from dropdown

Minimum Salary
Not required but you may type in

Maximum Salary
Not required but you may type in

Display salary?
Not required but you may choose from dropdown

Short description of the job
Not required

7 or 30 (days)
Required  choose from drop-down 30


Pull an ad manifest from Vision Data to determine which ads need to be delivered. (see screen shot attached)

The Prepress/Advertising Departments need to gather the display ads and process them through

the YahooAsura server "IN" folder.