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Rates Tips


The Following procedure is how you could copy a rate maintenance table from 1 pub and zone to another pub and zone. 

In the following screenshot example for rate code AGNSK  you see a pub and zone of IMIN DOT with all of the rate table maintenance:

Click on Copy Rate:

In the copy rate utility the following is shown:

We must fill in the information of what we want to copy from and to. In this example we are going to copy the pub IMIN zone DOT to pub DRIN zone DOT and we want to keep all of the information in the rate table maintenance so we do not have to manually enter it in since there is quite a bit of information:

We are copying the rate from profit center 5 to the same profit center

The rate AGNSK is going to stay the same so we put it in the TO: RATE selection

The pub IMIN is going to be copied to the pub DRIN

The zone DOT is going to be copied to the zone DOT

The start date will be the same.

If you want to copy Discount Plans and Contract Codes please check them.

Then select Begin Copy

Then you should see the message that the rate information copied:

Now the information is copied and in the Rate Table Maintenance:

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Sep 2, 2009, 2:03 PM